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Accounting Software Consultancy

Case Studies

Sterling Group of Companies

This project was initially the management of their in-house IT function to enable them to manage their rapid growth. The project expanded to encompass the design and development of new systems that now form the core of their business.

ASC were also able to provide project management to oversee the companies move to larger premises. The management encompassed not only the logistics of the move but also a redesign of their IT infrastructure that gave them greater resilience and room for growth.

The assistance that was available from ASC allowed Sterling to grow and meet its IT needs.


Zig Zag (GB) Limited

Zig Zag requested help as their systems were not supplying the information they required to run their business as effectively as they would like. Changes were made to the reporting available to the directors and later, to cope with new markets and growth, a new accounting was introduced that was linked into the reporting requirements.

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